How To Use Powder Foundation?

Most of the people are taking help from makeup when it comes to get better appearance. Foundation is the most important part of makeup. It helps in keeping the skin safe from different types of harmful elements. Makeup feels lightweight with the application of foundation.

There are various types of foundations available such as – power and liquid. Everyone is interested in getting how to apply powder foundation.

Powder foundation is providing full coverage on the skin with lots of benefits. In case you want to get introduced with the process of application then focus on upcoming details.

Step 1: Clean your skin

Before start applying the foundation, the interested ones are required to make sure that they are cleaning the skin properly. Skin cleansing is useful in several ways such as – eliminating the pollutants and damage causing elements. After the use of cleanser, you should try to apply serum or moisturizer.

powder foundation

Step 2: Light dusting

Now the users are required to follow light dusting of powder. For such a task, the interested ones can take help from the fluffy powder brush. When you are going to apply the powder then consider long strokes.

Step 3: Create layers

On the face, some areas need more coverage of powder. Here, the individuals need to press the brush and roll it. This particular thing is becoming useful in applying more power and covering the skin area effectively.

Step 4: Concealing

With all these things, the users need to apply concealer in a perfect manner. The biggest thing is related to the selection of concealer. Everyone needs to check out the skin condition and tone first. In case anyone has darkness under eyes then she should skip the use of cream concealer while applying powder foundation. For these ones, the selection of flat concealer brush should be considered. Here, they should consider the use of power foundation.

Step 5: Press it in

When the complete skin area is covered with the power foundation then the users need to focus on puff. The user should take help from the power puff and apply on the skin. While applying powder with a puff, the interested ones need to press it genteelly. In case anyone applies more than requirement then it provides cakey look. It does not good for the skin and appearance.

Step 6: Apply the makeup

Now the skin is ready for the application of makeup. Everyone needs to make sure that they are using quality products for all these things. Lower quality products may become a reason for lots of issues such as – skin irritation or infection.

Step 7: Touch-ups

In the end, the individuals need to give final touch-ups by which makeup should be effective whole day. Here it is highly important to eliminate some unwanted elements from the skin like – oil. It can be possible with the use of blotting paper. It is also important to set powder foundation. In case you are not removing these elements then power may not set on the skin.